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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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Find, Buy and Return - FAQs

VEEBA can only be purchased from authorized retailers. To find your nearest store selling VEEBA vape devices please use the store locator on veeba-vape.com.
No, there are no parts that should be replaced in the VEEBA devices, VEEBA is designed for simplicity and convenience of use and is not designed to be used with interchangeable pods.
Your VEEBA device can be responsibly disposed via our recycling program, and we will recycle the components of the device that are recyclable for you. Learn more at veeba-vape.com

Please dispose of the packaging and your used VEEBA device responsibly. Please note the battery must not be removed or replaced by retailers or consumers. Only an authorized recycler may safely remove batteries for disposal and recycling.
Please check with the store policy of where you purchased your VEEBA from as it may differ store-to-store.
Reach the VEEBA Care Team through our Warranty Form. We will assist you with the replacement process for pick up at your original store of purchase. Customers with a valid replacement reason and proof of purchase are eligible for a replacement.