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Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have issues starting your device, there might be several reasons:
- You might have forgotten to remove the top and/or bottom silicone caps from the device after unboxing;
- There is a device malfunction in which case you will need to replace it with a new VEEBA;
- There is no e-liquid left in your VEEBA device in which case you will need to replace it with a new VEEBA;
- Your VEEBA device is leaking in which case you should stop using it immediately;
- The battery is fully depleted, in which case the LED light will not illuminate and it is time to replace your VEEBA with a new one.
- The VEEBA device’s operating temperatures are between 0°C - 40°C. If outside of this temperature range and your VEEBA device does not work, just bring the device back to the operational temperature range and it will continue to work like normal.
VEEBA devices prevent dry puffs as the battery empties before the e-liquid storage unit. Each device is designed to provide approximately 350 puffs* before the battery depletes.

When the battery level reaches 10% the LED will flash 10 times to indicate the charge status.

Based on your personal vaping behavior you can then estimate how many puffs remain before the device turns off and it is time to replace with a new VEEBA.
* Individual vaping patterns may vary.
If you notice that there were traces of liquid visible on the mouthpiece when unpacking your VEEBA device, wipe the liquid off with a dry cloth and it is ready to use.
Droplets/Traces of liquid that are visible on the mouthpiece, which may occur during unpacking or usage, must be wiped off with a clean dry cloth before use.

However, do not use the device if it appears damaged, tampered with, broken, or leaking. Do not touch the e-liquid, however, in the case that you touched the e-liquid, wash the area immediately with soap and water.
The battery in the VEEBA device is manufactured to last 9 months if it is not open or used and stored at room temperature. However, once the device is used and there is a period of inactivity the battery may deplete. To test the battery, begin by puffing on the mouthpiece. If the LEDs light up, the VEEBA is still good to use. If the LEDs do not light up or if they light up for a long 2-second period, then the device is not working and should be replaced for another VEEBA device.
Do not use VEEBA if its battery is leaking.