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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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VEEBA Flavours - FAQs

Offering 9 vibrant flavours in a range of fruit, mint, tobacco and even cooling fruit. There's a VEEBA for everyone!
Currently, VEEBA comes in a variety of 9 different flavours:

Tobacco flavour:
• Classic Tobacco: Tobacco. Toasted. Dark. - A classic vaping experience. Dark tobacco flavour meets toasted aroma with subtle earthy notes.

Mint Flavour:
• Blue Mint: Minty. Creamy. Cooling. - A refreshing minty vaping experience balanced with creaminess and cooling.

Cooling Fruit:
• Yellow: Apple. Watermelon. Minty. - A refined vaping experience in which a mix of apple, watermelon and banana aroma notes are balanced by minty undertones.
• Coral Pink:Watermelon. Melon. Cooling - A cooling vaping experience in which a mix of watermelon and melon aroma notes are balanced with minty undertones.
• Red: Dragon fruit. Strawberry. Cooling. - An indulgent vaping experience with dragon fruit and strawberry aroma notes, topped with cooling.
• Gold: Apple. Orange. Cooling. - A delightful vaping experience of apple, strawberry and orange mixed aroma notes, topped with cooling.
• Yellow Green: Apple. Fruity. Sour. - A refined vaping experience of apple aroma notes with sweet and sour hints and a touch of cooling.
• Mauve: Blueberry. Strawberry. Cooling. - An indulgent vaping experience of strawberry and blueberry aroma notes , creamy and cooling.

Fruit Flavour:
• Indiblue: Blueberry. Pomegranate. Creamy - A delightful vaping experience defined by blueberry and pomegranate aroma notes, balanced with creamy touch.
We believe flavour is a personal experience. To discover the right VEEBA for you, you can choose your preferred VEEBA flavour for you from the 9 unique flavours in our VEEBA portfolio.

Rest assured all VEEBA vape devices are designed to fit your expectations, providing a convenient and simple way to enjoy vaping moments on-the-go.
The VEEBA device is disposable and not designed to be refilled once the 2ml e-liquid storage unit is consumed. If you wish to, you can try other flavour variants to explore the VEEBA range and discover new flavours you may prefer.
VEEBA is only available in 1.8% 20(mg/ml) nicotine level.
No, currently all VEEBA vape devices contain nicotine.
No, you cannot add other liquids to the VEEBA device. As VEEBA is a disposable vaping device, it is not designed to be used with interchangeable pods. The e-liquid storage unit is integrated into the device and cannot be opened under normal circumstances without force.

Do not use this product if it appears to be damaged, tampered with, broken, or leaking.
Pharma grade Nicotine is manufactured by multiple conditioning, distillation, evaporation and refining of liquid that is extracted from tobacco.
VEEBA’s e-liquid is made of water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), food grade flavorings, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and benzoic acid.
Yes, the e-liquids used in VEEBA devices contain nicotine, as well as lactic acid and benzoic acid, which combine to form a nicotine salt.

VEEBA are not risk-free, and contain nicotine which is addictive. The best way to reduce health risks is to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether.